January 13th and 14th, 2024

A chilly breeze, a warm bonfire, and an afternoon cocktail make the Creede, Colorado Pond Hockey tournament one of the most loved winter events in town. Called “The Golden Pick,” it is sponsored by Tommyknocker and Kip’s Grill for Creede Athletics. The Pond Hockey tournament draws amateur teams from all over the United States. Some travel from as far as Dallas, Detroit, and Albuquerque. The tournament is held on the frozen Willow Creek drainage ponds, right underneath the famous Creede cliffs. From the stands, observers can enjoy the unique rock formations while watching local Creede folk battle out-of-town teams for the puck, as well as yearly bragging rights.

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Brian Brittain (owner of Tommyknocker Tavern) and Kip Nagy (owner of Kip’s Grill) are our official referees. At the tournament, they make tough calls, stoke the bonfire, and make sure everyone is having a good time. With team names like the Hotel Hotties, Pond Kings and the Potato Sacks, Creede Pond Hockey is not for professional players. As Brian says; “This tournament is for the rest of us.”  Along with providing much-appreciated winter entertainment, the Pond Hockey tournament also functions as a fundraiser for the Tommyknocker Tavern and Kips Grill for Creede Adult Athletics organization and the local food vendors. The tournament is 100% non-profit and all proceeds go directly to pond upkeep, Zamboni maintenance, equipment, and future tournaments.

The Pond Hockey tournament extends through the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the games, join the players and fans at Kip’s Grill to harass Kip about his referee skills. But don’t leave without having his famous top-shelf margaritas and Baja tacos. His fresh pico de gallo is always a special treat. Walk a few blocks uptown to Tommyknocker Tavern for fresh salads, sandwiches, and their famous BBQ Ribs! Celebrate winter late into the night with fantastic live music and local Colorado brews on tap. The winning teams always enjoy free drinks, bragging rights, and threatening humiliating defeat for the next year. 

Brian and Kip are always looking to add teams and players to the roster, but sign up quickly, as the tournament always fills up! New fans are always welcome! If you join us in Creede for the Golden Pick Pond Hockey tournament, don’t forget to pack your blankets, cushions, and dogs for a truly local, assuredly unexpected, small-town experience.


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