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For those who would prefer to watch the native animals in their natural habitat, Mineral County offers a wonderful assortment of possibilities. There is nothing more majestic than a bald eagle flying across the sky with a distant, snow-capped peak as the backdrop...

Wildlife, wildflowers, and stunning vistas will greet you around every corner!

Along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway (State Hwy 149), US Hwy 160, and many Forest Service roads that traverse Mineral County, plenty of opportunities exist for observing wildlife. Evenings and early mornings are the best times for sightings. Depending on the season, mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, moose and a host of other mammals and birds are abundant. Summer or winter, deer are a fairly common encounter while elk, moose, and bighorn sheep tend to migrate into lower valleys as the high country weather cools. Bear, lynx, cougar, bobcat, marmot, ground squirrels and many other small mammals also are common to the area. Catching sight of these wild creatures is always a thrilling experience. However, all wildlife should be respected for their wildness. Do not attempt to approach or feed wild creatures.

Help us keep our wildlife wild! 

♦ Keep your dog leashed so he can’t endanger himself, you, or local wildlife by chasing those you encounter. When leashed, you can calmly move away from the animal, taking care to avoid any negative reaction.

♦ Keep your drone far away from wildlife. While your shot might be AH.MA.ZING, drones create stress that may cause significant harm or death to our favorite locals

Wildlife Viewing

Fall and winter are exceptional times of the year to observe wildlife. Mornings and evenings offer the best chance for spotting an animal. While passing Wason Ranch, you may see a large herd of elk. Truly a captivating experience, these herds can sometimes number in the hundreds. Continuing along Hwy 149, keep an eye out along the river for a chance to see an American Bald Eagle. Once you reach Pool Table Road look for the herd of Big Horn Sheep usually grazing near the road. Be careful to watch for them! 


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